Thematically Perfect

Thematically Perfect

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Thematically Perfect


YHVH created man in His own image, male and female. In part, that means that YHVH shared with man His capacity to ‘rule’ and to ‘relate,’ i.e. to plan, engineer, construct and manage new creations, and to do it all within the experience of loving, heartfelt relationships. These are two fundamental qualities of YHVH, the Creator. Consequently, it should be no surprise that the Bible reveals both the Creator’s Plan and the Creator’s Heart.


On the one hand, YHVH is the Creator and Engineer of the universe. Every element in the universe was made by design and with a purpose. Every individual piece fits together into a glorious whole. As we have seen evidence in previous studies, every part of His creation is intricately woven together into a perfectly balanced system.


Likewise, we have observed that this Creator of the physical, three-dimensional space is the Engineer of history as well. He is Master of time. The story that unfolds through our experience of time is His-Story. From the beginning, this Lord of Time and Master Engineer established a master plan for history. Furthermore, He has communicated that plan prophetically in His word and has even revealed that plan in His creation. He has known every day, and every happening therein, before there was one of them. He makes every year fit with the next to complete a masterful epic through the course of man’s ‘time.’ In all of man's rebellion, YHVH’s plan has never been thwarted.


Thus, on the one hand, YHVH has engineered both the creation and the story.


On the other hand, YHVH, who is Love (1 John 4:16), is a Lover. He has engineered His story, but it is not a dry treatise of law. His story is a romance that even defines the general plot of the classic romance.


At the same time, like The Grapes of Wrath, His story is also a sociological novel, or like “Beowulf,” it is an epic poem, but of divine proportions. Yet, unlike either of these two, it is non-fiction. Whereas the greatest authors of epic tales classic novels are limited to creating their stories purely within the imagination of their readers, YHVH is not so constrained. He is both writing and creating an historical romance within history. When YHVH ‘creates’ a character, He lovingly brings them into existence. When He unveils a plot, it literally comes to pass.


This ‘epic’ romance written in history not only reveals YHVH’s engineered plan but also makes vulnerable the most tender reaches of His loving heart. In fact, one vital purpose of the Creator’s love story is to manifest His heart, the glory of His Love, to His whole creation. Another purpose of His love story, perhaps an even greater one, is to manifest His heart to Himself through a Lover, an Helpmeet, who corresponds perfectly to Him. (As a man, my own heart was most manifested and validated to me through my loving wife.) The Father’s heart is manifested perfectly in His Son (Heb. 1:3). By the same principle, His Son’s heart would be manifested perfectly in His Bride…if such a divine Helpmeet existed.


Of course, there isno such divine Bride who perfectly corresponds to the Creator of the Universe. Thus, if the Father wanted such a Bride for His Son, He would have to create One. (As mentioned about, YHVH regularly creates men as characters in His story. How much more difficult would it be for Him to create a Bride for His own Son? The first is natural and temporal, of the creation. In some ways, the latter would have to be divine, uncreated, and eternal.)


This divine Bride would also have to be the PERFECT effulgence of His own heart, the perfect fullness of His glory, the manifold expression of the height and depth and length and breadth of His infinite love. YHVH, who is Love, would have to be made manifest to all in His Bride. Thus, YHVH’s heart, which is Love, would most certainly have to be made fully vulnerable, so as to be captured by His Bride. Unlike the stories written by the great authors of men, this Love Story would not be a safe story for the Author. The story of the development of this Bride and Her infinitely majestic Husband would be the final and epic romance both within and without all of history. In creating such a divine creation: His own Love, His long awaited Bride, YHVH Elohim would have to make His infinite heart utterly vulnerable to Her and to all His creation.

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