Conscientiously Perfect

Conscientiously Perfect

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Conscientiously Perfect:


The conscience is fundamentally relational.


It is good that we start with the conscience. The fact that God created us with a conscience tells us that He did not create man only to analyze with his mind, and work with his hands, but above all to relate with his heart. The God of Creation, although the unparalleled engineer, is an exceedingly personal God. I would like to show that He is, in fact, the Lover par none, and the Romancer of the ages, the Prince who steals the show. It is necessary that we start here with the heart, though I am sure I, being the engineer that I am, will do it in my own analytical way. Nonetheless, I am still a man of heart made in God's image. I too am a man with a conscience.


God, who created this world, created our consciences. Our conscience is that faculty in our spirits that gives consciousness to a moral code. It discerns between good and evil, between truth and falsehood. In this manner it helps us to determine the will of God in our lives. Furthermore, the conscience implies a present and relational authority. There is in every man the awareness that there is a higher authority, a judge whom we will answer to, a creator who cares and has a purpose and design for the creation, and who also requires that the design is followed according to the moral rules of the house. If the rules are violated we inherently know that this results in a relational problem with the boss. Thus, when the conscience is "pricked" we feel a deep remorse and sense of loss. It is not just our own integrity that we feel is in jeopardy, but our "oneness" with all of the creation, and in fact, with the Creator Himself. We feel unclean and dirty, but until we have a change of heart, we also feel more alone. We even want to run and hide in the darkness. But from what, or from Who?

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